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AABCAP Mindfulness Conference 2014

2014 AABCAP 8th Annual Conference

22 – 23 August 2014

Australian Technology Park


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The Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists (AABCAP) invites you to join them at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney for their 8th Annual AABCAP Conference.

A conference whose purpose is to explore the unique challenges we all face, as men navigate modern day Australian life, their roles, their relationships and their mental health. This conference aims to help us all understand men’s journey for meaning and purpose.

This year we will be bringing a dynamic mix of Australian speakers who will share their stories, and join in conversations with us. Among those conversations will be what it means to be a man today?   As well conversations around one of the most difficult issues we as a society are having to manage, which is violence; sexual, physical and emotional. Conversations on men in relationships, men and sexuality, and how to age wisely.

There will be presentations, papers, meditations, and panel discussions. Speakers include Bhante Sujato, Chien Hoong-Gooi, Greg Millan, Robyn Vickers-Willis, Matthew Johnstone, Ken Zulumovski, Nicholas Tabley, Chris Barker, Geoff Dawson, Barbara Jones, Tim Johnson-Newell, Craig Hughes-Cashmore, and Anand Anderson.

AABCAP’s  goal is to provide educational opportunities for therapists who are interested in developing a conversation between Buddhist psychology; philosophy, ethics and contemplative practices. We aim to integrate these two rich traditions of wisdom and healing.

“The speakers were entertaining, challenging and informative, the venue was perfect and the dinner was delicious. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a number of wonderful people and establish new connections.” – Robyn, 2011 

“I came away feeling inspired and informed and very, very calm… I was impressed by the speakers and very interested in all they had to say and moved by the loving and respectful intent of the whole proceedings.” – Di, 2011

“Such a stimulating and enjoyable Conference. Compassion, wisdom & kindness were embodied over the 2 days . Planned with thoughtful care, yet with space too for spontaneity and flexibility. For me as an interstate participant it was a rich & very worthwhile experience.” Jan, 2012 

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AABCAP Annual Conference 2014

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